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Elaboration of digital base maps at large scales from 1:500 to 1: 10000 on the basis of digitized analogue maps, direct topographic surveys and using aerial photos.

Elaboration and up-dating of medium scale topographic  maps- from 1: 10000 to 1:100000 - on the basis of direct topographic surveys.

Elaboration of small scale topographic maps - from scale 1:500000  to 1:500000 up - on the basis of satellite images.

Development of topographic data base- using such systems of data base as Oracle or Informix.

Multicolor printing of maps- at all above mentioned scales.


1 Many sheets of topographic maps of Poland at scale 1:10000 and 1:50000 since 1990
2 Digital topographic map elaboration at scale 1:50000, 1:200000 and 1:500000 on the basis of satellite images for the northern part of Cameroon and color printing (2000 copies for each sheet)
3 National Atlas of Afghanistan in English and Dari
4 Topographic maps of Iraq at scale 1:25000 for about of 170000 sq. km
5 Topographic maps of Tripolitania at scale 1:50000 and 1:25000 
6 Map of Algeria at scale 1:200000 on the basis of LANDSAT and KOSMOS images
7 Base map of Baghdad at scale 1:500 an 1:1000 with inventory of underground utilities
8 Maps and atlases of some European towns for the Rouck company (Belgium)
9 Topographic mapping for Abu Zyyan in Libya
10 Mapping at scale 1:5000 for Agriculture Irrigation Project

Map from Atlas of Afganistan



Topographic map of Libya


Topographic map of Maroua - Cameroon