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Establishing of ground control nets, horizontal and vertical, at all orders by the method of GPS and DGPS.

Gravimetric measurements, determination of a precise geoid model based on combined  precise leveling and  gravimetry.

Engineering surveys for roads, bridges, highways, railways by the means of GPS and RTK GPS.

 Engineering surveys for constructions, displacements and deformation of engineering structures.

Inventory of underground utilities.

And many other.




1 National horizontal and vertical net of first order for the whole territory of Iraq
2 National second order horizontal net for Kuwait, 1982-1985
3 National first order of leveling net of Libya, 1981-1985 with gravimetric measurements
4 First order leveling net of great part of Poland - since 1990
5 Road design and supervising of their construction in Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Poland
6 Surveying services during construction of "Orenburg" gas pipeline in Russia and Poland
7 Setting out and surveys of oil and gas pipelines in Kuwait, 1987-1991
8 Surveys and setting out of “Great man-made river” in Libya since 1985 till now
9 Inventory of underground utilities and elaboration of digital map for refinery in Al Ahmadi - Kuwait, 1987-1993
10 Bathymetric surveys for 16 reservoirs in Algeria, 1984-1985
11 Engineering consultancy for several irrigation projects in Algeria, 1988-1993
12 Supervision of electric plants in Pakistan, Egypt, Somalia for Lahmayer Co., 1989-1994
13 Consultancy and surveying services for nuclear plant in Great Britain
14 Maps for design purposed in Poland  since 1990
15 Survey of railway route Sirt-Bengazi (Libya), 2002-2003
16 Survey for underground utilities and digital mapping for refinery Al Ahmadi - Kuwait, 2004-2006
17 Bathymetric survey for Tripoli-Benghazi (Libya), 2004
18 Mapping for design of desalination plants and for water distribution pipelines in Libya, 2005-2007
19 Establishing of WGS84 geodetic networks in Libya, setting out of seismic lines, 2006
20 Melitah-Azzaziya gas pipe survey, 2007

GPS Survey


Surveys of "Great man-made river" in Libya


Digital map of underground utilities in Kuwait


Surveys in Kuwait